STLINK V2 Clones Going Bad\Dying

I have had 2 STLINK v2 clones (the colorful metal ones) go bad now while I attempt to use them alongside a cheap 8ch logic analyzer.

They stop working with a “Windows cannot recognize this device. Bad descriptor” type message.

My question is if anyone else has had the STLINK go bad repeatedly? I ended up purchasing a $22 ‘real’ st link from Mouser, and at this point it hasnt gone bad, but I am afraid to use it alongside the 8ch ‘logic analyzer’.

The logic analyzer is one like the above. When I meter between any two of it’s pins I get a voltage of 2.3v. This also seems weird - should a logic analyzer have voltage between two of it’s input pins?

I managed to fry a STM32 bluepill board’s USB interface as well as the STLINK v2 simply with the logic analyzer on the USART (PortB 11\10), not even attached to the STM32 USB peripheral.

I had only one power source connected to the board: from the USB port - I had the ground of the logic analyzer connected to the bluepill as well.

Thanks for any insight anyone can offer!