Startup problem

I’m working with VSCode + Platformio from 2 years ago. yesterday, Platformio stop working from my Mac Pro. providing a message shows PlatformIO: Rebuilding IntilliSense index (then loop forever).

Later, I try to remove VS Code & PlatformIO from the machine and reinstall. but that fail.

Then I try to install in Windows Machine. and also fail for same problem.

Linux Machine, Same Problem!!!

sometimes, i have this error also (Error: Could not start PIO Home server: Error: timeout
at /home/bilal/.vscode/extensions/platformio.platformio-ide-2.4.3/node_modules/platformio-node-helpers/dist/index.js:1:9933…)!

Any proposed solution’s??

Have you done a clean reinstall by deleting the <home folder>/.platformio folder, then removing the VSCode PlatformIO extension, reopening VSCode, installing the PIO VSCode extension again?

If the error persists, please file an issue with Issues · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub.

Hi all,

I found the problem and fix it.

The problem was from my Internet Service Provider, he blocks some services. once i connected via different ISP. the problem solved.

Hence, Please share with me the required services to secure that services is available like IP address, URLs, ports , etc which required to install and use PlatformIO if its available.