ST 72f324j6t6 support

is it possible to read/write to a ST 72f324j6t6 micro-controller using platformio? i have not seen anything saying it is possible. my method of reading and writing to would be through a ch341a programmer.

If I read the datasheet correctly we’re talking about a ST7 Legacy 8-bit series (the “F” standing for having Flash in the name) that was last produced 15 years ago in Dec. 2005. I see some docs are available on ST7 8-bit MCUs - STMicroelectronics.

What tool do you usually use for programming or reading out the flash content of that micocontroller? PIO does not currently have support for ST7 MCUs (STM32 and STM8 are supported).

You read correctly, this is a new venture for me, at present i do not have software to read from or write to the device. I was hoping that perhaps pio would work. I know what my commercial options are, i may have to go that route unfortunately. I am going to experiment with avrdude and related tools to see what i can achieve.