Something wrong with stm32 ldscipt file? Program can not run!

After a long try about five hours, I slove the problem, but I can not figure out the reason.
Last week I upate the pio the the newest version, then I download my program to the stm32L476RG, it seems can not run, then I find the ldscript.ld file is updated as blew.

then I compare it to the old version then I change it like this then download my program can run

This is the result, after this I use another board Nucleo-F103RB without change the ldscript.ld file and
download the minimal example program ,it runs normally. So the conclusion seems not the error from ldscipt.ld.

However, I did really slove the problem that my program not run with L476RG, Could you help me?

Known issue per Code appears to upload but does not run on STM32 Nucleo L476RG · Issue #537 · platformio/platform-ststm32 · GitHub, STM32Duino changed their linker scripts and the value of LD_MAX_DATA_SIZE, thus breaking the PlatformIO build script. See link for a temporary fix.

It seems slove my problem, But I still have a doubt,when I open


It’s wrong = 128KB

and another file

It's wrong = 96KB

It’s right

When I create a project I based on nucleo-l476rg, but in the ld file which value does LD_MAX_DATA_SIZE use?

For the Arduino IDE I don’t know… I guess the boards.txt one, but better ask. For PlatformIO: The value maximum_ram_size in the board file.

Will it be fixed in next update?
Thank you for your help!

Well that depends on @valeros, I hope so, I already tagged him in the issue :smiley: