Some toolbar icon are missing

Hi, I am quite new to but really love it so far.
Today I wanted to tidy up my projects (all were in one workspace) and saved them in different workspaces. I rearranged the folders of the project in dolphin. Then I saved the workspace with a different name, removed projects that belong in other workspaces.
Now I have only the error, warning and home icons in the toolbar when opening four projects. When I open other projects (five) in another workspace, everything is OK.
I found duplicate core and removed it, as well as a duplicate library. I also found the posting with a hint to “Toggle developer tools” - no help either.

Additionally I get an include error and all included libraries are not found. Since I read, that this is a known error and does not matter much, I tried View | Command Palette | Build, but got the error “command ‘’ not found”

Your help is appreciated. Karl

The PlatformIO project should be in the root of workspace. You can add folders with multiple projects into the same workspace. VSCode looks for “platformio.ini” file.

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Thank you Ivan. i have really searched around a lot, but I think a guide for beginners (including such tips) is missing. At least - I did not find one. To keep your projects arranged tidily in the file-system it seems to be a draeback - or I still do not understand it completely.
Nevertheless, since I moved all project-folders in the …/Documents/PlatformIO - folder, everything works again.
Thanks a lot, Karl

Hi Ivan,
I forgot to ask what your last sentence means. What can I or have I to do with platformio.ini?

This why our guide uses PlatformIO Home. If you try to open project via PIO Home and select non-PlatformIO project, PIO Home will not allow you yo open it.

I meant that PlatformIO project is fodler which contains platformio.ini file.

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