[Solved] Win10 Unable to Initialize Any Project!

Red info popup window (top right):

Error: Can not install ‘atmelavr’ with version requirements
’ * ’ for your system ‘windows_x86’

Also have two deprecations (bottom right) argument to ‘path.extname’ must be a string

NB: Installed without reading. So i uninstalled then followed the install instructions (as you should).
May have messed up, because i think the uninstall did not remove all associations? Not a fresh install.

Can anyone help, thanks in advance…

Do you have antivirus installed in a system?

Hi Ivankravets…Yes I have antivirus (McAfee)

Python.exe & Pythonw.exe
Node.js Server-side JavaScript

All set to Incoming & Outgoing designated ports (recommended)

Users already reported problems with McAfee. Try to disable it while building project first time. PlatformIO will download require toolchains.

I do as you requested, disable McAfee during the first initialization build project.
No change:
Error: Can not install ‘atmelavr’ with version requirements
’ * ’ for your system ‘windows_x86’

Guess the next question, what are the version requirements?

In your case it means that PIO doesn’t have permissions to write into $HOME/.platformio or your antivirus blocks it.

Can PlatformIO permissions be changed and were is this $HOME/.platformio reside.

Which programme file (file properties, security tab or advanced permissions) ?

  1. Remove manually this folder: C:\Users\SpongeBob\.platformio
  2. Disable antivirus
  3. Build project


Thank you Ivankravets for your time and patience.

NB: McAfee “Real-Time Scanning” not necessarily the firewall.
Disable while building project for the first time.

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