Solid green light on Portenta H7 lite after firmware upload

What does a solid green light mean on the portenta after firmware upload? I have a rather large piece of firmware which if I upload using my laptop works fine. I have it deployed along with a nvidia jetson and when i flash the firmware using that I get a solid green light on the portenta and the port is not detected anymore so I can’t tell if the firmware is working anymore or not. To be able to flash the portenta again I need to use my laptop and double press the reset button to put it to bootloader mode and upload a dummy program from the arduino ide, it doesn’t work using platformio anymore (shows broken pipe). Once that is done I can upload my regular firmware using pio.

The code on both the devices is the same as I am using git to ensure that.

I am using platformio. The version of platformio is the same on my laptop and the Jetson.

Sounds the like firmware uploaded the Jetson just crashes upon execution.

But are they using the same STSTM32 platform version for the firmware build? That should be visible within the first 20 lines of the build output. You can fixate that as needed.