Snap programmer in PIO

Hi, I am thinking to purchase a snap programmer as a method of loading code to my AVR4809s via UPDI.

Could anyone tell me if I can use the snap programmer here seamlessly with PIO?

thanks for help

So just looking at the PIO docs relating to a search for ‘SNAP’, it looks like it would need to use Pymcuprog. I currently use pymcuprog and it is slow. So not knowing much about programmers, is the speed of upload a feature of pymcuprog rather than the programmer it interfaces with?

Just trying to get a handle on whether a Snap programmer with pymcuprog will make my uploads any faster.

I have an implementation for PicKit 4 / SNAP for Microchip PIC 24/32, but not for Atmel and ARM - they are different…

If there are hackers:

  • Spy the USB transfer
  • reverse engineering the programmer ( is JAVA code )

the protocol is nothing special…