Simba - Settings* files not auto-generated

It’s not clear how to use Platform IO to run “make settings-generate” to generate the settings* files for a simba project. The “make” utility doesn’t even really execute properly within the project.


  1. Need to run make settings-generate
  2. Need to include .c .h files in at compile time
  3. Not sure about .bin files

According to:

The build system variable SETTINGS_INI contains the path to the ini-file used by the build system. Set this variable to the path of yours application ini-file and run make settings-generate to generate four files; settings.h, settings.c, settings.little-endian.bin and settings.big-endian.bin.

Also add this to the Makefile: SRC += settings.c and include settings.h in the source files that accesses the settings.

The Simba settings module can’t be used when building with PlatformIO. Only the Simba make-based build system supports it.

Today Simba supports three build systems, PlatformIO, Arduino IDE and make. Advanced users are advised to use the latter, because it is most feature rich.