Show custom project task in the PIO tasks panel

How can I show my custom project task in the PIO tasks panel ?


The canonical way of adding tasks to the PlatformIO tasks is to use advanced scripting, not via tasks.json.

For showing all tasks in the tasks.json, you might like to use a task explorer extension.

thanks for the answer.
the advanced scripting documentation is poor on the matter.
do you have an example of script ?
I already have some extra scripts, but after reading the documentation, I don’t see how to add a task.

The documentation is really good on it, it shows a complete self-contained example here.

not really a succces :sweat_smile:



and not showing here :

Are you double-adding the same custom target? This assertion shouldn’t throw.

If I use a standard

platform = atmelsam
board = mkrwifi1010
framework = arduino
extra_scripts =

project with the given from the documentation completely unmodified, it shows up all nicely.


I can’t verify what the other at least 130 lines of code in your extra_script are doing or how you’re adding it to the platformio.ini.

Thanks a lot !
It works perfectly.
I think I had an error in the python script which prevent it from loading.