Sharing the code between different systems?

I am new to Atom and PlatformIO and Git…

I am using Atom/PlatformIO on a Windows 10 machine, where I develop.
I have a number of controllers on my property, doing all sorts of automation.
When I need to update a firmware, I copy the main.c to a share; I then log into the notebook and create a project with the same name and copy the shared main.c into the project, compile and upload to the controller out in the field.

So far so good.

However, I want to m igrate to Linux and would then need a third environment, which would become a burden to keep three environments in sync.

For those using a Mozilla product, the profiles can be shared between machines. Is there a similar approach I can use with the Atom/PlatformIO environments? I am happy to manually synchronise the Atom/Platformio bit, with libraries and all, but at least would like to share the project directory “.platformIO” between these systems?

Or is this a Git think I have to figure out? – The problem here is the steep learning curve for an old fellow :slight_smile:

Any pointers appreciated.

Yes, a revision system is what you want to use to synchronize your source trees between machines. I mainly work off windows but also work from linux as well.

GIT would be what most would suggest, but I use subversion (aka svn). Why? git came after subversion and I was using subversion already. There was no advantage to change and subversion is much easier on the brain.

I use for my free subversion hosting that has the advantage over guthub in that I don’t have to make everything public. I don’t want to share everything with the world… :slight_smile:

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