Setup for GD32 with CMSIS framework

I am trying to get compile and upload code for a gd32f407 (and E505 in the future)
My initial attempt was to use the Platform-GD32 package, however they don’t seem to natively support CMSIS, only SPL.

Has anyone gotten CMSIS to work on their GD32 / any pointers for me how to get it working?

Where do you see the CMSIS package uploaded for GD32?

I do see my chips under supported devices. Haven’t done much more than trying to set cmsis as a possible framework for my chip, that obviously didn’t work. I do see traces of the cmsys framework in


Yes the GD32 SPL packages includes the CMSIS part for the Cortex-Mx (whether it be M3, M4, etc.) already.

There are CMSIS Packs for GD32 at CMSIS | CMSIS Packs – Arm Developer, but those exactly are the SPL file. (You can extract the .pack files as ZIP files with e.g. 7zip and see that for yourself).

Or, expressed differently: Point me to the CMSIS code files you want to use and which are different from SPL and we’ll look into adding it as a possible framework.