Serial monitor only

On my main computer i programmed my esp32 (with all the other components) as an aquarium controller (turn light, filter, etc on and off manually and using alarms of the ds3231)
But when i installed in place, sometimes the alarms are not trigering, so i need to connect it to serial monitor in order to see whats hapenning.
I installed vscode and platformio on my old laptop (the small ones).
Can i use only the serial monitor to monitor my project or i need to copy the project from the other computer and recompiled it on this laptop?

In order to know which port to open and on which baud rate (changable by monitor_port, monitor_speed and friends), commands like pio monitor need to be executed in a project that contains the platformio.ini of the project.

If you just need a serial monitor, install pyserial stand-alone and you get the program, which is the serial monitor also used by PlatformIO. Then you can run /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 or whatever device and baud rate you need.

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Just use CoolTerm without PlatformIO.

Thanks guys, i tried miniterm and is working good.
I’ll keep coolterm on mind case i need another option