Seeed Xiao and SPI - not working


Just tried to get SPI working on an Seeed Xiao with arudino libs, code summary follows. I have created a bitbang version and that works fine

pinMode( 7, OUTPUT );  // chip select
pinMode( SCK, OUTPUT );
pinMode( MOSI, OUTPUT );
SPI.beginTransaction( SPISettings(1000000, MSBFIRST, SPI_MODE0) );

WriteReg(unsigned int Value)
digitalWrite( 7, false );
SPI.transfer16( Value );
digitalWrite( 7, true );

This felt like an easy thing and the bitbang work well enough in this case as its just driving relays but its always good to know what I’m doing wrong!

so i had started with just SPI.begin() when that didnnnot work changed it to beginTransaction(…)

turns out you need both!

Self answered this time