Searching a library with certain hardware properties / getting example codes


this is my first posting to this community – I am no native speaker… :slight_smile:
I am working under Linux and setup PlatformIO CLI and use VIM as my editor. My platform
currently is an ATSAMD51 board (M4 Feather Express/Adafruit).
This board is currently supported by the Arduino framework.
When I search for a library with ‘pio lib search’ for example a display driver, I will find (if existing)
a library via a match with the drivers name.
How can I find the library, which is build for the driver AND supports hardware SPI?
How can I list all libraries in one go without pressing “y” (for "yes, I want more) over 490 times?
How can I download the associated example codes via pio (I use wget currently, which is kinda hack)?

Thank you very much for any help in advance!

Have you seen this PlatformIO Registry?