SDI-12 Library out of date in registry

Does the once-a-day registry crawler for libraries still run?

I’m sorry, I haven’t been paying attention to the updates to PlatformIO. I can see that I can now manually publish a package, but I’m lost as to how I claim ownership and push updated versions to libraries that were already in the crawler-fed registry.

The library in question is: PlatformIO Registry
It should be seeing v2.1.2 in the library.json file.

@ivankravets can answer this maybe.

Same issue goes for PlatformIO Registry – in you can see that version 10.0.2 was pushed 2 weeks ago, but that doesn’t show up in the library’s release version. 10.0.3 and 10.2.1 then show up as usual.

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The issue is linked with different library.json manifest. The legacy version points to develop branch. Ok, I’ve just replaced it by master. It should work now.

In any case, we recommend manually manage your packages and updates. You the owner of PlatformIO Registry and can invite other members. See our CLI docs on how to manage packages.

@ivankravets - thank you!

I’m still confused as to how I become the owner. I mean, I am the owner and I doubt anyone would want to steal it, but I don’t quite get how EnviroDIY would become linked to my PlatformIO account.

Please don’t worry. I manually assigned you as the owner of that org.