SD Card on a disco_l475vg_iot01a

Nothing I have done can complete a compile. The board is new, so even going backwards in mbed is limited.

I have tried different versions of SDFilesystem (added lib) or SDBlockDevice which leave “fatal error: filesystem/mbed_filesystem.h: No such file or directory”
“build_flags = -D PIO_FRAMEWORK_MBED_FILESYSTEM_PRESENT” has been added to platformio.ini

Has anyone got this to work?

Does it work with mbed online compiler for this board?

What prompted me to post was that the mbed site has a compile error too. But the mbed site is “rough” for this board. Not all compiles will work on it. PIO is really the only reliable show in town.

Oddly enough, the filesystem demo works just fine.


I have similar issues on another board. Perhaps this can help: SD-Card FileSystem on Nucleo L476RG (mbed) - #5 by HarpieC


Late getting to read this. It looks like you got farther…you compiled ok. But at the same end, no less. I’ll just subscribe to your thread.

Sad … found several additional issues … I used the sd card reader on an cheap 2.8" TFT Board (china) … This has an 3.3v regulator on board caused a lot of stability issues … so I bridged the regulator … then it has 3x1k resistors in series in the spi lines… in several other schematics I only find them in pull up configuration or non at all. So I bridged them … still the mbed example works and the ported version to platfom io not.

I ordered myself a STM32f746 discovery board because it fits better for my project (TFT, Touch, Ethernet, SD card + internal flash chip - huge sd-ram … for 50€ not a bad deal. See how far I get with this one. Hope to avoid hardware issues with this “all in one” soluition :wink: