Restricting PlatformIO installation?


New here - apologies if this is the wrong forum…

I’ve been using PlatformIO on VS Code (Windows 10) for a while now to build Marlin and BigTreeTech TFT code for my 3D printer without issue.

I’m now “playing” with Python AddIns for Fusion 360 as well (AutoCad Python editing also uses VS Code).

This works but every time I open a python file now I get:

Installing PlatformIO Core...
Please do not close this window and do not open other folders until this process is completed
Failed to install PlatformIO IDE.

Is there any way I can tell PlatformIO not to try to install when I open python files?

Thanks for any help, and apologies if this is a dumb question!

Andy B.

What is your default Python version? python --version.

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Thanks for the quick reply…

Its difficult to tell, it would appear that Fusion 360 is relying on the embedded MS Python and Python for VSCode in VS Code. As far as I can tell its Python 3.7.3 64 Bit but I had to fiddle about with the version go get it to work with Fusion 360.

The active extension in VS Code is listed as Python 2019.9.34911 if it helps, but Python 3.7.5 also appears to be installed.


It’s OK, I’ve sorted it (after a lot of messing about)…

As it turned out Fusion is really picky about the version of Python it uses so I let it do its own thing and installed 3.7.7 for PlatformIO and then found the “Activate only on PlatformIO Project” extension setting which did the trick.

Thanks for your time…

Andy B.