Request to update Zephyr RTOS to v3.0.0 for all applicable platforms

Please update Zephyr RTOS to v3.0.0 when you get a chance. Thank you.


Any chance of getting Zephyr RTOS updated to v3.0…0 on all applicable platforms?

Thank you.

we also need this now. is there at least at ETA on how long its going to take? if not we need to switch to something other than platformIO.

There is no ETA for Zephyr RTOS 3.0. Please use the official guide on how to use Zephyr without PlatformIO.

Hi @ivankravets, Thanks for the update.

Hopefully when Zephyr RTOS for PlatformIO gets updated, we’ll get the latest version at that time.

If you are using nRF52840 (or other nRF52, nRF53 based MCUs), then use the excellent nRF Connect SDK from Nordic Semiconductor.
nRF Connect SDK works superbly with VS Code and supports the latest Zephyr RTOS version. Nordic Semi’s development, support and webinars are excellent.
Btw - For cellular based on nRF52 / nRF53, depending on your boards, both nRF Connect (Zephyr RTOS) and Particle Device OS (Free RTOS based) work great. The latter provides free LTE-M support with up to 100 devices and 100MB of data per month for development.

For other platforms, as per Ivan’s comment, use the official Zephyr RTOS.

Unfortunately, I think compared to the past few years, Zephyr RTOS support since v2.6 doesn’t appear to be a tier 1 priority for PlatformIO development team. Of course, ESP32 IDF support is #1.

Still, I hope we get support for Zephyr RTOS v3.x sometime this year. Always good to have options.

Have you tried “nRF Connect SDK works superbly with VS Code”? What are the key points to using PlatformIO? We don’t see a big interest in the Zephyr RTOS from our community. There are 2 explanations for this:

  1. Developers are happy with existing Zephyr RTOS workflows
  2. There is a small number of devs who use Zephyr RTOS in production.

What are your thoughts?

Hi @ivankravets,
For my nRF52840 boards, on almost daily basis. I use Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF Connect for VS Code (Zephyr RTOS); Particle Workbench for VS Code (Device OS - Free RTOS based) for low power cellular/wifi; and PlatformIO (Zephyr RTOS). Debug with Segger Edu Mini and RTT works flawlessly.

Also, I use PlatformIO - Zephyr RTOS with BBC micro:bit and STM32 blackpill_f411ce, and currently Zephyr RTOS command line with Raspberry Pi Pico. I haven’t yet used Zephyr RTOS with ESP32. Normally use PlatformIO - Arduino with ESP32.

A major goal is to develop with VS Code - Zephyr RTOS, preferably with PlatformIO to cover nR52/nRF53, Raspberry Pi Pico, STM32 and ESP32. With devicetree overlays, it’s easy to target the different SoCs with almost the same common code.

Of course, PlatformIO - Arduino for all the above boards is great for quick prototyping and deployments.

Zephyr does have a steeper learning curve but has huge RTOS advantages with massive amount of contributions to the Zephyr RTOS GitHub repo and a large vendor support.

I find the VS Code extensions from Nordic and Particle to be excellent implementations, superb integration with VS Code, very few issues and the extensions get updated on a regular cadence. I use PlatformIO - Zephyr RTOS with BBC micro:bit v2 and STM32 (hopefully Raspberry Pico later as Zephyr RTOS is now supported).

nRF52840 easily beats ESP32, STM32, and other MCUs on low power BLE and cellular. Of course, it doesn’t have WiFi but that will change once Nordic release their low power WiFi/BLE SoC sometime this year.

A couple of reasons for a low uptake of PlatformIO - Zephyr RTOS:

  1. MCUs that can utilize Zephyr RTOS are 3-4x more expensive than the cheapest ESP32.
    This may change with the cheapest Raspberry Pi Pico being cheaper or on par with the ESP32 and given huge Pico adoption rates. However, the Pico Arduino core (Raspberry Pi Pico SDK based) from Earle F. Philhower has already garnered a massive support.

  2. Zephyr RTOS has a steeper learning curve compared to Arduino and Espressif IDF

  3. Community using nRF5240, STM32 and other MCUs prefer to use Nordic nRF Connect, other IDEs or existing Zephyr RTOS Command Line workflows

I certainly would like to see PlatformIO keep up with Zephyr RTOS releases for nRF52840, STM32. Also, see Raspberry Pi Pico and ESP32 added from Zephyr RTOS v3.x.

I know you have said that there is no ETA on a Zephyr RTOS v3.x but is there any chance we’ll get a v3.x sometime in 2022?

Thank you for all the fantastic work that you and your team do for the PlatformIO community. It’s very much appreciated.

Thanks for the details explanation. I’ve just pinned this issue Update Zephyr to 3.0.0 · Issue #141 · platformio/platform-nordicnrf52 · GitHub

Let’s see how many developers are interested in Zephyr RTOS 3.0 in PlatformIO. Please use :+1: for voting.


Is there any decision on whether we’ll get Zephyr RTOS upgrade to V3.x, currently stuck at v2.7.0, for the platforms listed below?

  • nRF52840
  • nRF51
  • STM32
  • RP2040
  • ESP32

Zephyr RTOS has over 350+ boards supported,

Hopefully PlatformIO will continue to support the latest releases, esp. as now Zephyr RTOS has added support for Raspberry Pi RP2040 (Pico) and has a hugely active development communinity.