Registry library

I have developed a library referenced on but I cannot publish it on platformIO Library. I try to use :
pio package publish

my space github : GitHub - ARTS37/SerialMenuCmd: This Arduino library constitutes a basic Command Line Interface
Library name : SerialMenuCmd, it’ a basic command line interface (CLI) on serial port.

Could you help me, thank in advance.


Since the library is at SerialMenuCmd - Arduino Libraries, PlatformIO should mirror it automatically actually without further user interaction.

If you still want to publish it you need to use pio account login to login, be one folder above your cloned library folder and use pio package publish <library folder name> to publish it.

If that is not working, please show thet error that is printed.

I think it is safer to wait for mirror it automatically.
I hope it will not take too long because I am preparing a bootstrap code on seeeduino xiao target with expansion board.

thank you,


You can always refer to your library with the git link or zip download link via lib_deps if you need it now, no need to wait for it to be registered.

; pull library from github
lib_deps =


If there are still problems with it not mirroring after some time, I’ll CC Ivan, the PlatformIO CEO, for help.