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Hi folks,
I like using PlatformIO. So many thanks go out to the people behind it. Two days ago I wanted to contribute a library to the repository. But as of today it does not show up in the library registry. So my questions (to which I didn’t find an answer in the docs) are:

  • how long does it typically take for a new library from a new contributor to be added?
  • is there any place to see the status of the registration process?
  • if there are problems with the library, code or metadata, does the developer get notified about the issues, to get a chance to solve them?

By the way the library is called PushButton. User is: gerdmuller.

Thank you and best regards,


Updates to existing libraries are done every 24 hours. In case a more urgent update is required, you can post a request on PlatformIO community.

But that’s “in normal cases”. Sometimes the library crawler gets stuck?

This is also a thread where a lib wasn’t yet updated.

Either crawling the libraries now takes more time than at the writing of the docs due to the massive amount of libraries registered, or something is stuck. @ivankravets?

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This process is automatic on 99%. We do manual moderating if library has the same name or is a fork of already registered library.

Done! PlatformIO Registry

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