Redirect Upload to MAINTENANCE drive for MAX32625PICO

Working with VS Code + Platformio + MAX32625PICO

Does anyone know how to modify the platformio.ini file so that the binary sent to Upload goes to the MAINTENANCE drive instead of DAPLINK? The MAX32625PICO has a built-in bootloader.

Thank you!

Per board file it should already be doing that – mbed the default upload method, and mbed just means that PlatformIO will be looking for a virtual “USB drive” to copy the binary to.

What’s the full platformio.ini and what’s the Advanced -> Verbose Upload project task output?

Hello Max,

The full platformio.ini is:

Sorry, I don’t understand how to enable the advanced ->verbose upload you mentioned. Perhaps you can direct me to the documentation that explains it. Below is the full terminal text when I try to upload the firmware.bin file:

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The output already shows that it’s trying to upload using the mbed method, so that’s okay, no need for verbose output.

However PlatformIO can’t find any upload disk. Is the board connected to your computer? Does it show up as a USB disk?

Thanks for your reply Max!

Yes, the device shows up as a drive:


The MAX32625PICO can be placed in Bootloader Mode by holding down the pushbutton next to the USB mini receptacle while plugging in the cable.

In all fairness, I can search for the firmware.bin in PIO directory, and then copy/paste it to the drive, and it programs the board, but this is a pain to do and I am getting lazy in my old age. :wink:

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Weird that PlatformIO doesn’t detect this. Is the normal upload button fixed when you set

upload_port = E:

in the platformio.ini? (docs).

Good News Max!

“Hard Wiring” the upload port to the E: drive worked.


This works for me now.

I would suggest that someone review why the automatic port selection did not find the drive. Perhaps the “mbed” framework only looks for DAPLINK, and was fooled by the MAINTENANCE drive name.

Thanks for all your help!