Rebuilding IntelliSense forever- caused by PIO--HELP!

I’m unable to use VSCode, because Rebuilding IntelliSense and Loading Tasks cue on open. They run and run, and they don’t stop running. In fact, I had four instances of IntelliSense Rebuild at one point.


Build, Clean, Upload and Serial Monitor are all disabled. Those buttons give the ‘X not found’ error.

I complained via GitHub, and GitHub took my error info and said the issue is caused by an extension.
After uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, PlatformIO is the only VSCode extension on my PC.

Please figure out what’s happening. I’m dead in the water, and I have a lot of stuff to test.

Fixed in PIO Core 6.0.2.

I’m running 6.0.2. I ran upgrade at least twice, and it’s still happening.

The problem was linked to the misconfigured Git client which requires authentication for any repository. As result, it hangs the whole PIO installer.

You will need to reinstall the Microsoft extension for C/C++ as the PlatformIO extension uses it. It might be that because you have uninstalled the C/C++ extension that you will need to reinstall the PlatformIO one. Possibly.


I uninstalled every Git thing.
When I went back to VSCode, everything was back to normal.
I’d already run upgrade a few times.