Put "PlatformIO Core (CLI)" in a custom folder MVSC + W10

Hi, I’m working with the zip version of Visual Studio Code (portable?) on Windows 10 for development on Arduino Uno.

“PlatformIO Core (CLI)” by default is installed in the “C:\Users\ad\AppData\Roaming\SPB_Data”.

To be truly portable I would like to install “PlatformIO Core (CLI)” in a folder of my choice, for example the Visual Studio Code folder.

Thank you for reading this message.


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Portable version of PIO? You got my attention? Where?? :smiley: :smiley:

AFAIK… whilst it is technically feasible to make platformion itself portable through some black magic jiggerypokery around the whole python virtualenv thing… it would still insist on installing frameworks and packages in $HOMEDIR/.platformio … which is a deal breaker for me… I’d love to see way… maybe just a platformio.home file next to platformio.exe that lets you configure that folder… and then it can be manipulated as needed?

You can control this with Environment variables — PlatformIO latest documentation

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Oh, yes… I saw that a couple days ago when looking for another directory override setting… but haven’t gotten around to trying it… I’m certainlly thinking that combined with some virtualenv tweaking due to path changes makes me things we can finally make PIOPortable a thing! :slight_smile: Thanks!