Problems running Adafruit example code

Hi! I’ve hooked up my Arduino UNO to the Adafruit ATWINC1500 WiFi Breakout and I’m trying out the examples from Wiring & Test | Adafruit ATWINC1500 WiFi Breakout | Adafruit Learning System

The examples compile and upload fine, but when I run the ScanNetworks example it prints out 0 available networks. When I run the same code from the Arduino IDE it shows a bunch of networks.

Any ideas why it’s behaving differently?

I’m using Deviot with Sublime Text 3.

Could you share full build log on Thanks.

Sure thing, here you go: [ Deviot 1.1.10 ] ScanNetworks.ino12:13:25 Building the project | Processing.. -

What is your OS? Could you try with PlatformIO IDE?

I’m on OS X. I tried running it with the PlatformIO IDE with the same result.

Please upgrade to the latest IDE and CLI. Do you still have this issue?

Seems to working now. Awesome :tada: