Problems after PlatformIO Update - Build

Since i’ve updated PIO (Atom). I can not build my arduino code anymore.
Everytime i Build the Project, there is the Alert:

No eligible build target.
No configuration to build this project exists.
No eligible build target.: No configuration to build this project exists.
at file:///C:/Users/Thunderhelix/.atom/packages/build/lib/build.js:113:15

Unfortunately if i Build my projects with the PlatformIO Home Screen opened in the active tab, it just builds without problems.
Best wishes, thunderhelix
My Version:

  • Home 1.0.5
  • ·
  • Core 3.6.1rc7

We should not change anything related to building. Could try the next?

  1. Close all projects in Atom (remove them from sidebar)
  2. Close Atom
  3. Open Atom
  4. Open project via PIO Home > Open Project.

Does it work now?

The classical restart. It woked. Thank you