Problems about using JLink with PIO under MacOS BigSur?

OK, Every time I download the program to the MCU, there is a window like this.
I have used pio update and the JLink has been update to V6.92.

Thank you for your help!

If I not click the OK, downloading will still go on and after complete, the window will disappear automatically

Hm affter searching around a bit I stumbled upon this article ( where it says that it might have detected a mismatch between two installed JLink driver of firmware versions. So maybe since you’ve installed V.6.92 but PIO is using V6.88 the V6.88 program thinks that the firmware on the JLink is “defective”. Could maybe be solved by either upgrading the PIO JLink version (replace files in C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\packages\tool-jlink with the one from latest version, but don’t change .piopm or package.json file) or downgrade the globally installed JLink driver version.

@kiraversace I’ve seen that you have opened a thread in the SEGGER forum but have not followed up to the request of the SEGGER staff. I’m assuming your J-Link doesn’t qualify for support.

An analysis of the J-Link firmware and update mechanism (see Emil's Projects & Reviews: Unbricking a SEGGER J-Link v9 debug probe) is mentioned:

Particularly the last “RDDI” check was introduced sometime is autumn of 2020 and the effect is that the software comes (a few seconds later) with a message saying that your probe is defective.

So chances are that the message was introduced by upgrading the firmware after autumn 2020. So possibly a downgrade would help (however that is achieved).

Thank you for your answer.
I use the official version J-Link but the education version.
As you described, the solution under the Windows 10 is downgrade the firmware, but I suggest you can upgrade the driver in PIO.

PIO does not upgrade or modify the J-Link firmware in any form. It uses the J-Link command line interface (i.e. software from SEGGER) to interact with the J-Link. The SEGGER software might propose a firmware change and the SEGGER software displays the warning regarding J-Link being defective.

I propose you contact SEGGER technical support as proposed by the warning.

OK, although there is a warning, do not affect the result, it also can download successfully!

Thank you!