Problem with BlockNot Lib

I have used BlockNot in several projects and have and have recently had the following error. I can’t find a resolution from many search attempts.
platform = atmelavr
board = pro16MHzatmega328
framework = arduino
lib_deps = easyg0ing1/BlockNot@^2.1.2

Link Error:
Resolving pro16MHzatmega328 dependencies…
Removing unused dependencies…
SemanticVersionError: Invalid simple block ‘^2.0.6;’

Thanks in advance

I found the problem:

The wrong version of the lib was listed in integrity.dat.

That file doesn’t come from the repo. Can you remove the entire .pio folder of the project and rebuild? Is the error still there?

I edited the file to the correct version of the lib. Links fine, Thanks for the reply.