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Please Update JLink to V770a

I am using GD32C103CBT6 and platformio/tool-jlink does not support these since Segger only added them yesterday.
Well, and of course Segger added a lot of other interesting things since 7.50.

I manually updated .platformio\packages\tool-jlink with the files from my V770a installation and this works fine, I am only “afraid” that PIO will “update” it back to 1.75001. :slight_smile:

Huh. With my platform or how do you put that in PlatformIO?

Btw, if you manually download the latest Segger JLink release, put the package.json from in it (with updated version string) and add

platform_packages =
   tool-jlink@symlink://<full path to extracted JLink folder>

in the platformio.ini of the project it should work.

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Yes of course, since you added it back in June after my request. :slight_smile:
Only JLink did not directly support it, I was using GD32E103CB to upload.

I did not clear out the directory, it’s still in there.
And while this is working for me I just thought it might be a good idea in general to update the package. It does not seem to have a repository though and there is no author for it.

Absolutely, update would be good. I filed the issue in as the closest match.

Done, thanks for the request!

Thank you!

I renamed the folder tool-jlink to check if the package is updated.
And it actually was not, but PIO was using J-Link Commander V7.70a regardless.
Only after I added
platform_packages = platformio/tool-jlink@^1.77001.0
the new package was downloaded.

Does PIO use the installed version if tool-jlink is not present?

Remove installed tool-jlink packages, run pio system prune command, and try again. It is a cache.

I’ve also updated Update JLink (better GD32 support) · CommunityGD32Cores/platform-gd32@fe80fcd · GitHub, so if you open a CLI and do a

pio pkg update -g -p ""

you should have if with no need to specify platform_packages.

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Hmm, interesting, I did run “pio system prune” and I did update the GD32 package.
However, renaming the tool-jlink does nothing, it just works and is not downloaded again.
Moving the tool-jlink folder out of .platformio\packages or plain deleting it has the desired effect though, the package is downloaded again.

Whatever this is - this is not an issue. :slight_smile:

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