Please specify `upload_port` for environment for MKS_Sbase error. Really Stuck!

Stuck BAD!

Trying to build the executable firmware.bin for an mks sbase board and cannot get past the error:
“CURRENT: upload_protocol = mbed
Looking for upload disk…
Error: Please specify upload_port for environment or use global --upload-port option.”

Dead in the water. My original platformio.ini file had no upload section at all, so I added the line:
upload_port = /media/pi/EB3C-090E
I copied and pasted the upload_port = /media/pi/EB3C-090E from the pio home → devices → Logical and pointing to the usb drive.

I am trying to get the firmware.bin file to build to a directory or ANYWHERE I can find the file and transfer to a USB drive.

No idea where to go from here.
Using Raspbian with Visual Studio Code and PlatformIO

Any help is GREATLY appreciaed!

Hold it! I think I found my answer. The file was there all along but I could not see it.
Had to start file manager in superuser mode then set to view hidden files/folders to see it.
That should do it, or so I hope!

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Marlin/src/gcode/eeprom/M500-M504.cpp:74:5: error : no matching function I’m very new to this environment and I don’t know how to show you the files.