PlattformIO don't know functions

Hey I use PlatformIO with atom and I had include my header file in the main.cpp file but every time if I try to compile the code I get this error : :(.text.startup+0x0): undefined reference to `lcd_init()’
and this with every function from my header file.

does somebody has any idea to solve my problem ?

In which file is the function lcd_init() declared, and in which folder is it? Is it an a C or C++ file? If you’re using C code from C++, have you properly declared it as extern "C", as the language dictates you to do?

the function lcd_init() is declared in lcdroutines.c and in the main I include lcdroutines.h and I now have tried to rename the main.cpp to main.c and now it works .

thank you , I don’t saw that PlatformIO create me a main.cpp file and not like I’m used to in Atmel studio 7.