Platformio Zephyr - Block Update


I did a project with on PlatformIO using the ZEPHYR.

How can config the PlatformIO to not update more Zephyr 2.20300.200823 ?

Miguel Wisintainer

See platform_packages to select certain versions of certain packages. Note that the Zephyr framework is contained in multiple packages (framework-zephyr-hal-st, framework-zephyr-littlefs, …) so you will need to fixate the packages you’re using in your build.

Another possibility is to fix the platform verson. E.g., for ststm32, Zephyr 2.2.0 was introduced in 6.1.0 and used until inclusively version 7.0.0, so you can write

platform = ststm32@7.0.0

in the platformio.ini as well. By fixating the platform version you’re also automatically fixating all its used packages. See docs.

can you help me ?
I am using NRF52 and the version today is OK! I dont want more updates to NRF52 and ZEPHYR.

PlatformIO won’t update platforms by itself anyways, only when you instruct it to.


C:\Users\Maxi>pio settings get
Name                       Current value [Default]                      Description
-------------------------  -------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------
auto_update_libraries      No                                           Automatically update libraries (Yes/No)
auto_update_platforms      No                                           Automatically update platforms (Yes/No)

But if you still want to use the latest platforms but compile that one project with an older version, use the directives above or, when looking at the nordicnrf52 releases, use

platform = nordicnrf52@4.2.1

for the highest version containing Zephyr v2.2.0.

Thank you so much!

I dont want have more experience with deprecated functions names!