Platformio using local download of github

I am (starting to) integrate a framework into platformio.
Have python 2.7 installed and can run platformio from command prompt and “see” it as a package (?) within python.
Have downloaded the github/platformio/platformio repository to my local system.

First questions :

  • How go I get my installed platformio working with my local repository instead of “remote standard one”
  • Where is the “content” of the packages defined
    f.e. the sdk-esp8266 for espressif platform. I do need to add some of 9(like) these

Hi @hreintke

  • How go I get my installed platformio working with my local repository instead of “remote standard one”

Here are steps from our contributing manual:

  1. Fork the repository on GitHub.
  2. Make a branch
  3. Run pip install tox
  4. Go to the root of project where is located tox.ini and run tox -e develop
  5. Activate current development environment:
  • Windows: .tox\develop\Scripts\activate
  • Bash/ZSH: source .tox/develop/bin/activate
  • Fish: source .tox/bin/
  1. Make changes to code, documentation, etc.
  • Where is the “content” of the packages defined

All packages are located in PlatformIO home directory:
/home/user/.platformio/packages C:\Users\User\.platformio\packages

Thanks for the quick answer.
I had seen that page but did not realize that this is pointing platformio.exe to the local repo.

Tried & questioned otherwise because I get a “Interpreter not found” error on the tox - e develop line.
Searched the internet for that and installed the suggested pypy package with no better result.

On commandline I can run “pyhton” & “pypy” without issues, so PATH should be OK.

Any hints where I could find a solution for this ?


I hacked my way around the interpreter not found issue by replacing the :

basepython = python2.7
usedevelop = True
deps =
commands = python --version

in the tox.ini to :


Do you expect any issues with that, or any other updates that may be required ?

On the packages :
The “installed packages” are located in the C:\Users\User.platformio\packages directory.
My question is about to define a package.
Suppose I want to add a package called “my_package” the espressif platform.

As far as I understand now, I need to add :
“my_package”: {
to the platforms file.

But where do I define which files are within the package and where to download them from ?


Have been checking python sources in the github.
Is it correct that this is somewhere in a manifest file ?

If so : can you point me to the documentation of that manifest file and/or example of manifest fro one of the installed frameworks

PS :Should I create a new topic so that the questions match the header ?

Yes, please create separate subject and I’ll explain to you how to create own development platform or use existing with PlatformIO 3.0.