Platformio upload to Ender 3

New to PlatformIO. I have installed PlatformIO and VSCode in Ubuntu Linux. Successfully compiled firmware but Platform IO seems to be trying to up1oad firmware.elf to my Ender 3 printer instead of firmware.bin. Motherboard is an SKR-Mini-E3-V1.2


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I’m not familar with the hardware, but there is probably no unique PID/VID (product/vendor ID) for PlatformIO to tell the different between the serial ports that they present. Can’t unplug the Ender 3 USB? See if you can work out which serial port is the one for your SKR Mini (the PIO side icon → Devices may or may not help here…) , and specify it in the [common] block of the platformio.ini for the firmware via the upload_port parameter (which you’ll probably have to add). It’ll probably end up something like upload_port = /dev/ttyUSB0.

If a .elf file is given to openocd it will still extract the binary file from it, no problem there. Can you show which repository for the firmware you are using, your platformio.ini and a verbose upload? (pio run -t upload -v or “Verbose Upload” task)