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PlatformIO to Close serial monitor COM-port before doing code download

Hi, I do not like the PIO builtin serial monitor, but I am using CoolTerm as a substitute, works like charm (can recommend !) However during developing I have to disconnect the monitor port before doing code download (otherwise “access denied” COMxx). CoolTerm has the ability to reconnect automatically if the connection is lost, for example if the board is reset Coolterm connects immediately after reboot.
So, is there a setting in platform.ini to force closing the monitor port before doing code update ? This would make developing work little easier.

The port closing is actually necessary – first of all because it uses the 1200bps touch → reset feature to reset the board into bootloader mode when the serial port is opened at 1200 baud (there’s a bit of code in the firmware that does that) and the main upload also happens via usb serial. Other programs accessing the port would conflict.

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