PlatformIO + STM32F407Disco + SPL Library

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I am using Atom with platformIO to work with my STM32F407 Discovery Board. The framework I am using is SPL and the platform is ststm32. The STM32F407 Discovery Board supports max. cpu clock of 168MHz, so I set in the platformIO.ini the board_f_cpu parameter to 168000000L. So far so good, to check the system clock I am using the MCO (Master Clock Output) Pin of my board in addition with a logic analyzer. It seems that the clock settings are not right. In the past (on Windows Machine) I used the CooCox IDE to work with stm32 boards and in that IDE you could edit the #define HSE_Value, the PLL_M, PLL_N parameters in the stm32f4xx.h file. But I can’t find this header file in my project folder… where is Atom / PlatformIO is hiding the header files of the core library ?

I am using Atom/PlatformIO on MAC OSX.

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