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PlatformIO Plus Goes Open Source, Improving Embedded Development Community Worldwide ๐Ÿš€


We are happy to announce that PlatformIO Labs, Oรœ (a company behind PlatformIO) has :point_right: established a new strategic partnership in collaboration with Western Digital Corp. (NASDAQ: WDC) and SiFive Inc., and opens its PlatformIO Plus solutions in order to provide embedded developers from all over the world free access to the previously paid features like PIO Unified Debugger, PIO Unit Testing Engine, and PIO Remote.

We always intended to make PIO Plus open source, but it has simply taken a while longer to complete than we anticipated. By going Open Source, our hard work will live on, not only to support what has already been created but to lay the foundation for an unpredictable and exciting future.

We are very grateful to our partners for providing the funding to make this open source of PIO Plus tools possible. Our striving to stay independent from any specific vendor or platform is a guarantee that the vast list of supported hardware and software solutions will grow even more helping the future development of the PlatformIO ecosystem.

Thank you for making PlatformIO what it is today. Your support via PIO Plus Subscription, feedback, bug reports and encouragement over the last five years have been invaluable. We couldnโ€™t have achieved this milestone without you โ€“ our amazing Community! :orange_heart:

โ€“ The PlatformIO Team

What does this mean for you?

  • You can continue to expect the same excellent service and support, from the same PlatformIO Team, that youโ€™ve gotten for the last years.
  • We will continue to remain unbiased and operate independently as weโ€™re still 100% committed to providing the best experience for our community regardless of the development platforms you are using.
  • We are going to keep building new features and useful improvements to the development tools to push this industry forward and make our usersโ€™ lives easier.

Questions you may have

What is happening to the existing PlatformIO Plus products?

The source code of PIO Unified Debugger and PIO Unit Testing Engine has been transferred to PlatformIO Core repository ( ) under the same maximum permissive Apache 2.0 license. It will be released with upcoming PlatformIO Core 4.0 soon.

If you use PlatformIO Core 3.0, please update PIO Core Plus package via $ pio update command or using โ€œPlatformIO IDE > PlatformIO View (left sidebar) > Quick Access > Updates > Update Allโ€ to have free access to PIO Plus tools. You donโ€™t need to use PIO Account to debug or test your code. The only case when you need it is PIO Remote (we need it to identify your agents and remote devices).

Whatโ€™s happening to my paid membership?

PIO Unified Debugger, PIO Unit Testing Engine, and PIO Remote are free now. In order to show our gratitude for your financial support, we upgraded all current paid PIO Plus accounts with unlimited access to PIO Remote service (unlimited agents, firmware and unit testing updates, a remote monitor). Please re-login with your PIO Account to get updated permissions.

We truly appreciate your personal investment in PlatformIO ecosystem. In turn, we would like to help you with your business by providing private commercial support. Therefore, all commercial subscriptions (individual and business) were upgraded with Premium Support and private ticket submission system. No need to pay extra for this!

If you donโ€™t use PIO Remote or donโ€™t need Premium Support, please cancel your subscription using โ€œPlatformIO IDE > PIO Account (top right corner) > Subscriptions > Cancelโ€ and you will no longer be billed.

Can new users still sign up to PIO Plus Professional Plan?

No. If you need Premium Support by PlatformIO Team with a private ticket submission system, please order a new support package at

Who do we contact with any other questions?

As always, you can reach us on with any questions, or post a comment here.


Woohoo! Thank you so much! I think PlatformIO will become even more popular solution for embedded development!

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PlatformIO is registered in Estonia, i did not known that before โ€ฆ but yes thank You.

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Fantastic newsโ€ฆ itโ€™s great to see that the โ€˜Plusโ€™ features of PlatformIO will be available anyone to useโ€ฆ should get even more people interested in it now, and with the open sourcing of those featuresโ€ฆ more people will hopefully help out with their development and bug-squashing. :wink:


This is a legal entity. The R&D team is located in Ukraine :ukraine:


Ivan, congratulations for the deal with Western Digital and SiFive!

Iโ€™m glad PlatformIO get the attention it deserves.

Good luck with the development!

All the best,


This is awesome news - congratulations, good work, and thank you!

To be clear, if I change nothing about my billing right now and let it go on charging me, I get support currently priced at $95/mo for $10/mo?

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You are right! Just contact us first time via and we will activate your account for a private ticket system.


Ivan, congrats! Awesome work - as always :+1:
Best wishes from Thingforward!


Thanks, Andreas! :blush:

Really good news, I can see PlatformIO dominating the maker space and by extension thousands of new up and coming young engineers who will soon be CEOโ€™s and CFOโ€™s deciding where R&D budgets will be spent and putting it firmly where their hobby and love of electronics and software came from. Bravo.


This is awesome, I just found out about platformio, but found it tremendously useful and complete, now I understand why.
Wonderful news, great community, great development platform, Iโ€™m super excited.

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PIO is truly awesome. Especially the debugging support. well done!

Perhaps someone can take a moment to explain the business model because I, for one, am very curious.

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Hi @ivankravets,
Itโ€™s amazing, that such a powerful tool is open-sourced!
Do you have any plans to open source the VSCode debug adapter ( )?

PlatformIO Debugger is fully open sourced and you can use it for free even for commercial products. It is a part of PlatformIO OSS project.

PlatformIO Labs (the legal company behind PlatformIO OSS project) developed multiple solutions for enterprise customers based on PlatformIO OSS and its expertise. Node.JS debug adapter for VSCode is one of them. Please contact us at for the further details.

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