Platformio overwrites firefox preferences

Hi there,

I am testing platformio for the first time. I noticed that platformio rewrites my firefox preferences without warning or any hint.
How can I prevent platformio from doing that?
Furthermore the rewritten preferences are in total contrast to common etiquettes of respecting privacy.
Is there a chance that privacy is respected by platformio by default?
Also, there should not be automatically all kind of search engines added to firefox and altering permissions without informing the user of doing so.



Highly unusual and unlikely. Platformio is an add-on for atom ide. And atom uses chrome engine as the back end. It is unlikely it disturbs any setting you may have in Firefox. Can you confirm with before and after screenshots of the issue what you are pointing out?? It will help us understand your issue better.

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Thanks for the hint.
I’ll check that and get back after that.

Best regards