PlatformIO on ATOM privat library

Hi there,
just wonder how I can specify when I create a arduini cpp main.cpp prject that the library should be used from the lib path instead of the general library.

is a
#include “local_lib.c”

the only thing or do I need to install the lib with the Lib Manager as well?

You include a .c file? Anyways, it should work out of the box if you just create a new folder in lib/ with the folder structure described in the readme.txt in there and include the header file from your main code. If it doesn’t work come back with a concrete error and your project setup.

Hey there,
I am trying to understand the difference between
#include “local_lib.c”


#include <local_lib.c>

as well as the option to include Libraries with the Library Manage global and on a project basis as well as copy and past below the project lib folder.