Platformio not displaying I2C address in Terminal (running i2cdetect) lib_deps = mcauser/i2cdetect@^1.0.0

Hello All,
Newbie to platformio and using it to develop ‘things’ using ESP32 and Arduino Uno R3 platforms.
I have made a simple project on a Arduino Uno R3 with just the i2cdetect file in main.cpp, but terminal doesn’t display anything?
I am using com7 9600baud 8databits Parity None Stop bit 1 Flow Control None.
I did come across a post from 2020 very similar to my issue and set the com port to com7 on platformio…but still don’t see anything in the terminal?
The board TX led flashes every 1sec so I assume it is sending me an address but I can’t see anything in the terminal.
Any help greatly appreciated.
For interest I got my blank ESP32 working following various advice posts across the net by downloading Silicon Labs USB UART driver etc and of course…pressing the build button!

I have just found Project Tasks and what it means, Selecting Upload and Monitor as advised in the 2020 post it is now display everything I need!!!