PlatformIO makes folder into ~/Documents on Linux

Hi all,

I have a small annoying problem. I’m using my own custom location for storing all code that I type. In PlatformIO > Settings > PlatformIO IDE > Core > Project Home I enter that location but upon every PlatformIO start it creates folder into ~/Documents. Why? How can I disable that?

Here is config.cson:

ignoredNames: [

projectHome: “/home/stefaca/Work/PlatformIO/“
telemetryConsent: “no”
userId: “ID”
coloured: false
useBusySignal: false
autoRunCommand: “export PATH=~/.platformio/penv/bin:$PATH”
position: “Left”
hideIgnoredNames: true
showOnStartup: false

How do you do that? Where did you find this tip?

But biggest issue is that folder that PlatformIO creates on his own (~/Documents/PlatformIO/Projects/). That is not OK by me.

Any ideas how to stop this to happening?

Where does PlatformIO get this info from?

It is fixed in development version and will be deployed soon. Thanks a lot for the report.

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