Platformio instalation and configuration

Hi, I am using PIO with Visual Studio Code. I want to know if it is possible to install Platformio and its components in a different way of the extension instalation. My concern is because I am doing some projects for clients. If 5 year in the future, one of those clients want a change, I would want to do it in the original configuration I am using now. For example, for projects made with IDEs like IAR, I simply store the version I am using now, and I will make the changes in the future in that version, although I would be using another different in the future.

But with Platformio, how can I do that, if the only way to install it is via extension installer. How can I use in the future, the same version of platformio and its components I am using now (core, frameworks versions, platforms, etc)

Thanks to all who can answer my question.

You could see if the Portable Mode in VSCode would work… so you can then archive the editor and extension, etc as is. I do seem to think there was a problem with it though… but I could be thinking of something else…

Thanks for responding. Yes, Visual Studio Code and its extensions (Platformio included) can be archived. No problem with that. But some extensions, as Platformio, download extra information, packets, frameworks, etc. in a different destination (for example, Platformio has a directory inside C:\Users\MyUser.platformio) I don’t know if there is more data related to the Platformio installation inside other directories.

Sumarizing, my problem is not with Visual Studio Code, but with the Platformio instalation. I am not clear about how to archive the extension, its data and its configuration for use it in the future.

Any suggestion??

The %userprofile%\.platformio has pretty much everything related to PlatformIO - the python environment, the frameworks, platform files, etc. By rights, you should be able to copy this and it be all you need. Alternately, you would specify the version of frameworks and platform files used, so that if a project were to be opened using a new install of VSCode & PlatformIO, it would pull down the specific versions of the framework/platform files specified in your platformio.ini .