PlatformIO.ini tab gone

I can’t seem to install/show this tab any longer. Help. I recently reinstalled VSC. Did I fail to install something? Running MacOS and also not certain if the Arduino path is accurate. Yes Thanks.

When you click on the extensions button on the left side of VSCOde, what are the instlaled extensions?

C/C++ globally
Arduino globally
PlatformIO IDE globally
Node debug globally

Sorry, a few more
C++ Intellisense
Code Runner
Both globally

Arduino and PIO extensions conflict each other. Try removing both of them, then reinstalling PIO.

Then I lose Home, and I am being advised to install PlatformIO and Arduino.

How does this happen? You have a screenshot?

Gone now, but still not able to compile or upload.

Error message / screenshot?

The extension bar on the left shows you now not have PIO installed. Does an error occur when you install it now?

It compiled ok but cannot upload due to unable to access port, not used anywhere else. I cannot get the Platformio.ini file to allow me to specify the port.

What is the exact error? And do you have any other serial drivers installed?

Message at bottom

No other ports open or serial extensions

As you can see on the bottom the current environment is megaatmega2560.

Marlin (depending on the branch you are on) has these due targets

You must then put the name of the environment as the env_default value.

Also make sure that you connect the USB cable on the programming port of the Due (

Don’t forget to properly configure Marlin for your 3D printer, as the docs say (,

Ok let me digest this. Thanks

The correct Configuration.h files etc should be supplied by your 3D printer manufacturer on some repo. In general you don’t want to configure it from scratch yourself (see Configuring Marlin | Marlin Firmware for that). So you if you tell me your 3d printer model I might help.

I have a good confirmation.h file just not the Platrmormio.ini file access.

I actually have a ATmega2560 board