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PlatformIO.ini - Auto deletes comments


My PlatformIO.ini is full of comments, but when I save it and upload it to github it deletes all the comments and only leaves the active settings.

Are there a setting to stop this?

top part is prior to upload and bottom is post.

Yes I an aware I have commented out like 31 and uncommented 37

Neither git nor PlatformIO should just write around in your files like this – never seen that before. More likely it’s some autoformat plugin in VSCode. What extensions do you have installed?


I only have installed PlattformIO, GitHub, Dart and Flutter and then just the standard stuff.

Can think of any thing else.


VSCode should give you the option to temporarily disable an extension. If you disable everything but C/C++ by Microsoft and PlatformIO, does the behavior change when you retry the procedure?

I was very upset. After updating the libraries in my project, all comments in platformio.ini disappeared. How can I fix this behavior?