PlatformIO IDE doesn't see Clang on Windows

my IDE says every start I should install Clang, but I already did it a couple times. Followed the install guide Redirecting....

What could I try to solve that?

What is your OS? Check that clang is in PATH

WIN 10, I did check that clang is in PATH for all users.

Windows has strange behaviour. It has 2 PATH:

  • PATH
  • Path

Could you check that clang is located in Path?

what is exactly ment with Path? Is it the path where clang is installed? That would be then C:\Program Files\LLVM\

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See How to set the path and environment variables in Windows

P.S: We highly recommend to try out PlatformIO IDE for VSCode. No need to install Clang, excellent integration with IntelliSense engine (code completion, navigation).

yeah that helped! Thanks

In case anyone still needs it, I found the real solution:

  • Pressing restart atom does not work because it will not reload the Path in this case
  • Close atom manually and start it again

I am having a similar issue. I checked that LLVM is in my path and rebuilt in Atom using “Menu: PlatformIO > Rebuild C/C++ Project Index (Autocomplete, Linter)” THEN closed Atom manually and re-opened and I STILL get “[Linter] Error running clang”. When I check the developed debugger it says:

Error running clang Error: Failed to spawn command clang. Make sure clang is installed and on your PATH
at C:\Users\Dan.atom\packages\linter-clang\node_modules\atom-linter\lib\helpers.js:102:24
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:103:7)

But I already checked that clang is on the path!! What is going wrong here?

Please open system terminal (cmd) and provide output of

echo %PATH%
clang --version