PlatformIO IDE 1.6.0 and PlatformIO CLI 3.1.0

PlatformIO IDE 1.6.0 and PlatformIO CLI 3.1.0 are released!

We greatly appreciate our PlatformIO Plus customers. We could not imagine this release without their support:

Release Notes

PlatformIO IDE 1.6.0

  • Library Manager page with advanced explanations how to use it
  • Asynchronous C/C++ project index rebuilding (Autocomplete, Linter)
  • Added new setting Show PlatformIO service files in Tree View that is turned off by default
  • Added new baud rates (460800 and 921600) to Serial Port Monitor

PlatformIO CLI 3.1.0

  • New! Dynamic variables/templates for Project Configuration File “platformio.ini” (issue #705)
  • Summary about processed environments (issue #777)
  • Implemented LocalCache system for API and improved a work in off-line mode
  • Improved Project Generator when custom --project-option is passed to platformio init command
  • Deprecated lib_force option, please use lib_deps instead
  • Return valid exit code from plaformio test command
  • Fixed Project Generator for CLion IDE using Windows OS (issue #785)
  • Fixed SSL Server-Name-Indication for Python < 2.7.9 (issue #774)

  • Development platform Espressif 8266

  • Development platform Freescale Kinetis

    • Added support for new boards: FRDM-KL26Z, FRDM-KL27Z, FRDM-KL43Z, Hexiwear
  • Development platform Nordic nRF51

    • Added support for new boards: Seeed Arch BLE, Seeed Arch Link, Switch Science mbed TY51822r3, y5 nRF51822 mbug, JKSoft Wallbot BLE
  • Development platform NXP LPC

    • Added support for new boards: ARM mbed LPC11U24 (+CAN), Bambino-210E, CoCo-ri-Co!, DipCortex M3, LPCXpresso11U68, LPCXpresso824-MAX, mBuino, MicroNFCBoard, NXP LPC11C24, NXP LPC11U34, EA LPC11U35 QuickStart Board, NXP LPC11U37, NXP LPC2368, NXP LPC2460, NXP LPC800-MAX, Seeed Arch GPRS V2, Seeed Xadow M0, Smeshlink xbed LPC1768, Switch Science mbed LPC824
  • Development platform ST STM32

    • New Arduino framework for ST STM32 - STM32Duino. Supported boards: BluePill F103C8, Generic STM32F103C8, Generic STM32F103R8, Generic STM32F103RB, Generic STM32F103RC, Generic STM32F103RE, Olimexino STM32

    • Added support for new ARM mbed based boards: ST 32F746GDISCOVER, MultiTech mDot, ST Nucleo F207ZG, ST Nucleo F429ZI, ST Nucleo F446ZE, ST Nucleo F746ZG, ST Nucleo F767ZI, ST Nucleo L011K4, ST Nucleo L432KC, Seeed Arch Max

  • Development platform Teensy

    • Added support for Teensy 3.5 and 3.6 boards
    • Updated Arduino Framework for Teensy to v130


  • PlatformIO IDE: Please click on Settings :gear: in Toolbar and follow to Updates section.
  • PlatformIO CLI: Please click on Menu: PlatformIO > Upgrade PlatformIO.

PlatformIO IDE