PlatformIO home often stuck

I have been using PlatformIO IDE for VSCode for almost two years and I like it, but during the last months I have been facing a very annoying problem: sometimes the PlatformIO home screen does not show up, and sometimes it shows up but when I try to open a project nothing happens. But, oddly, sometimes it works normally (maybe 2 out of 10 attempts!).

I tried the following with no success:

  • delete the %HOME_DIR%/.platformio/penv folder
  • uninstalling and reinstalling both VSCode and PlatformIO
  • removing all Python installations
  • running VSCode as administrator
  • adding Pioplus.exe to the firewall allowed applications
  • temporarily disable the antivirus

A few notes:

  • if I type “platformio home” on the command line the home page opens normally
  • it seems that PlatformIO has trouble switching workspaces, I always receive the warning: “This folder contains a workspace file ‘xxx.code-workspace’. Do you want to open it?” (where xxx is the name of the project)

Any suggestions?

Not sure of what the best way to debug this is, but I just wanted to point out that the workspaces issue is mostly likely not PlatformIO related - that is a function/feature of VSCode. If, however, you disabled the PlatformIO extension, and the warning went away, that would suggest it was PlatformIO related.