Platformio has slowed to a crawl

I am using Platformio to build code for two different Arduino M0 boards. I moved the project a few months ago to aid the build for two boards and also get an automatic post build conversion to uf2 images that can be dragged to the drive presented by the bootloader.
All was well for a while.
Recently the whole system has slowed to a crawl e.g.

  • VSCode taking 15 minutes to load,
  • A seemingly never ending Intellisense Rebuild,
  • Build taking 45 minutes.
    Whilst VScode and PlatformIO are active the whole system practically halts so for example web pages will not load.

I have uninstalled and re installed VSCode and PlatformIO extension with no discernible change. I have stopped Windows indexing files. I have stopped MalwareBytes and IBM Rapport security Management.

Currently a Build is running using 35 sub processes and has just popped up a warning “The Window is no Longer responding.”

Can some one offer suggestions to give PlatformIO a speed boost!
System is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, 16GB memory

Remove the PlatformIO extension and restart VSCode. Does it still load for 15 minutes?

Thanks for the suggestion.
I do now have PlatformIO back up to speed. Re Builds taking about 20 seconds.
I had reinstalled VSCode and reloaded the PlatformIO extension.
Not quite sure what fixed it - a couple of reboots probably did not go amiss.
The frustrating part is not really knowing what is going on ‘underneath’.
I will come back if everything slows down again