Platformio framework librairies without using a framework

Hello everyone,

I have been editing this post as my understanding of platformio has been expanding. For now my goal is to be able to program my Nucleo(f446re) board using registry manipulations. Back in the days I use do to that for my Arduino Atmega168.

By default projects created for this board are specified as mbed. I went head on using this and tried a really simple program where I tried to modify a registry using the macro found in stm32f446xx.h. Needless to say it did not work, I kept getting an error similar to : note in expansion of macro “RCC”. Then I realized I was not limited to the mbed framework and I could simply remove it.

My issue now is that I don’t want to copy all the librairies included with the mbed framework, but still use them.
I added : = /home/user/.platformio/packages/framework-mbed/hal/targets/cmsis/ which correspond to the highest folder in which all the librairies I need are kept.

My questions is do I need to specify all the sub-folder location so when stm32f446xx.h calls core-m4.h, which is in a different folder the compiler is going to find it?

Thank you in advance for the help