Platformio for VSC extension and 4.0 core

Is Platformio extension for VSC aware of new platformio.ini format?
It looks like it cannot recognize anymore local env.

Do you mean as in the use of global [env] and local [env:whatever] as shown in theglobal env example in the docs?

I don’t think so… it looks like the VSCode extension currently needs the platform keyword to exist in a local section… so a hacky fix for now would probably be platform = ${env.platform} to get it to recognise the local environments.

Sounds worthy of an issue being raised @ GitHub - platformio/platformio-vscode-ide: PlatformIO IDE for VSCode: The next generation integrated development environment for IoT

Thanks for the workaround

Sorry for delay. We work on new update for our extension where will be support for advanced platformio.ini configuration and full Python 3 support.

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